Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Alchemist - Good Karma

I discovered The Alchemist in Waterbury last winter and it quickly became a favorite spot to eat and of course, drink some of the best brewed beer in all of Vermont.You would look forward to a night at The Alchemist with anticipation, because it was such a special place with great Karma.

Last week when Hurricane Irene hit, we were headed to a lunch at The Alchemist to try and make the best of the miserable weather that day. We didn't realize that they opened at 4pm on Sunday so headed to another spot instead....little did I realize that 3 hours later - The Alchemist and that entire stretch of downtown Waterbury would be flooded and devastated. The immediate word around town was that The Alchemist would be shut down indefinitely and maybe even forever.....but the story continues....

Amazingly, The Alchemist was set to open their new Cannery the VERY next week after the Hurricane. Their flagship beer is called "Heady Topper", an 8% ALC, double IPA loaded with hops and they decided a year ago to start canning the beer for distribution. (Canning is the latest trend among microbrews instead of bottling),

Well, they opened the Cannery on time last Friday and as a good show of local support -  they sold out of all their beer in a couple of hours. The next batch was due to be canned today. As my show of support, I made my way to the Cannery, did a quick tasting and picked up a 4 pack of 16 oz cans ($12). These won't last long in my fridge...

I then headed to Waterbury Center to check out the pub and saw lots of clean up activity. They have made great progress on getting the space cleaned up and they now believe that the Pub will be open in a few months - hopefully in time for ski season. You can see the signs in the windows below proudly proclaiming "We Will Be Back!"

Luck seems to be on the Alchemist's side these days = and they deserve it. Good Karma has a way of paying back....

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